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The fast, efficient way to synchronize payroll data between Timberline Gold® and ADP®

Transferring payroll information from Timberline Gold into ADP Work Force Now and Resource is simplified with Payroll Time Export™ (PTE). Whether you have 30 employees or 3,000, or you do payroll weekly or semi-monthly, the process takes just minutes. You deserve to save time and money, PTE is your solution!

Using Payroll Time Export, you can transfer...

  • Unlimited Pay ID codes
    Covers all standard payroll types as well as departments, temporary rates and union related rates.
  • Detailed employee information
    Includes new hires, terminations, pay rates, 401(k), address etc.

Have specialized needs?
Customization, as well as certified and union payroll reporting, are also available.

Timberline integration with Essential Time:

PTE™ Time Import for Timberline®
Transfer time entries including hours, rates, amount, department and job number from Essential Time to Timberline.

Which version is right for your business?

Frequently make changes such as new hires, terminations, 401(k), benefits, withholdings, deductions, addresses, etc. in Timberline? Use PTE – HR/Payroll to synchronize employee data to ADP PC/Payroll for Windows or PayeXpert in minutes. Once that is complete, transfer all your employee’s time entries into ADP.

Need to enter your payroll data to eliminate double-entry and ensure accuracy? PTE - Payroll transfers time entries from Timberline into ADP PC/Payroll for Windows or PayeXpert software in minutes.

Specifically designed for the company that enters their payroll data into ADP and requires the General Ledger be updated with ADP employer summary entries.

Specifically designed for the company that enters their payroll data into ADP and requires that the Job Cost be updated with ADP payroll entries.

Note: All fees are a one-time costs (there are no ongoing fees) and we work closely with you to make sure your installation is a smooth one.

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