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Payroll Time Export bridges serve as a link between your accounting software and ADP payroll services. With pre- and post-payroll options available, Payroll Time Export bridges streamline your payroll process and eliminate the hassle of double entry.

You have a partner through the entire implementation process to ensure your successful use of the ADP data bridge. Service includes analysis of your existing systems, implementation of the data bridge, all necessary training, and continuing support.

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Time Tracking Detail

Use PTEBridge Time Tracking Detail bridge to transfer employee time information from your accounting software to ADP®. Simply enter time entries into your accounting software and use the PTEBridge software to transfer the time entries into ADP®.

GL Summary

PTEBridge GL Summary is specifically designed for companies that enter payroll data into ADP® and require the general ledger data to be updated with employer summary entries. Just enter your time entries into ADP® and transmit your payroll; ADP® will send your general ledger employer summary entries and then you can use the PTEBridge to transfer the summary data into your general ledger and net check detail for easy reconciliation.

Payroll Check Detail

PTEBridge Payroll Check Detail is designed for companies that write payroll checks off their own business account. It provides the ability to reconcile checks and see a breakdown of earnings, taxes and deductions. Enter your time entries into ADP® and transmit your payroll. ADP® will send your general ledger entries and the PTEBridge will transfer the check detail data into your accounting software.



Each company’s needs are unique and with Payroll Time Export, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Whether you need a basic bridge solution or something a little more complex, we have you covered.



When it comes to installation and using Payroll Time Export, you won’t be left in the dark. You can expect us to guide you through every step of the process. It’s important you succeed!



Make your payroll process streamlined and painless with Payroll Time Export. With free support for 60 days after implementation, you can rest assured that support will be there if you need it.

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